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 The Costa Nha Trang and Crowne Plaza Nha Trang

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: The Costa Nha Trang and Crowne Plaza Nha Trang   6th May 2012, 4:55 am

The Costa Nha
Trang is a symbol of modern living at a luxury 5-star building beside
The Crowne Plaza Nha Trang hotel with 19 floors.

project area of 12,042 square meters, located on the "golden street "
of Tran Phu in Nha Trang beach city, with a total investment estimated
at $147 million.

With 308 hotel rooms, 244 luxury apartments, 5
star facilities including a swimming pool, gym, spa and a luxurious
Chinese restaurant, The Costa Nha Trang offers you a new level of high
end sophistication.


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Architect's vision

Costa Nha Trang is a convergence of talent in architectural design and
interior decoration from the team at MAPS Design. Tan Hock Beng, a
renowned architect known for designing hotels and resorts around the
world, leads the way with his vision of The Costa Nha Trang.

project focuses on sophistication, meticulous design details inspired
from the mysterious and compelling Nha Trang City nature and culture;
all things creating a harmonious combination between modern construction
technology with the most seductive cultural background of the city.

The Costa Nha Trang Residence

Costa Nha Trang Residence is a place that offers the highest quality of
living with the collaboration of international management groups
Cushman & Wakefield and International Hotels Group (IHG).

The luxury apartments are divided into 2 areas:

The lower residence: designed in a modern living style from 1 to 4
bedrooms, offering you a choice that best fits you and an experience of a
whole new lifestyle.

- The upper residence: based on
“villa-style” architect designs to give that open space feeling while
located on top of the city in the upper levels of The Costa Nha Trang.

Crowne Plaza Nha Trang Residence

Crowne Plaza Nha Trang Residence is a hotel area with standard design and a 5 star standard of living.

the sea at the 19th floor or higher, the Crowne Plaza is a special
place for you to gaze your eyes into the wide scenery and enjoy the
precious beauty that nature bestows in the city of Nha Trang.


- Swimming Pool:
Located on the second floor with a total area of 432 square meters.
Immerse yourself in the beautiful blue waters of the pool at The Costa
Nha Trang for that harmonious and calming feel. At night, the swimming
pool is illuminated with shimmering lights to give that escape to
another world of relaxation.

- Spa: Relax
and unwind your mind & soul with The Costa Nha Trang’s unique blend
of services, products, and experiences. With these special spa
treatments, The Spa offers exotic natural flavorings to help you awaken
your senses and provides therapeutic benefits.

- Gym:
As life becomes busier, the gym at The Costa Nha Trang provides
state-of-the-art facilities to get your heart pumping. The gym is
equipped with modern advanced fitness equipment appropriate with all you
need to help you recover that needed energy for that refreshing and
revitalizing feel. Let the gym at The Costa Nha Trang help you get you
back in shape!

- Convention Center:
Located on the ground floor with 751 square meters, providing all the
necessities you need for any type of function. The large conference
rooms provide up to 570 seating space with the ability to divide the
space into smaller rooms according to your specific needs.

a meeting with a presentation style full of elegance and distinction
becomes ever so easy. The Costa Convention Center offers a professional
style service, luxurious interior and modern decoration which will give
you an environment that blends business and pleasure. The Conference
Center is always proud to connect you with success in special important

- Cuisine:
A Chinese inspired culinary background occupies the kitchens at The
Costa Nha Trang. The restaurant at The Costa Nha Trang offers to diners
dishes based the essences of raw materials with the magic touches by
the most skilled and experienced renowned chefs.


- Project & Construction Management: AIC Management (Australia)
- Architects: MAPS Design Studio (Singapore)
- C&S, M&E: Beca Carter Holdings (Singapore)
- Quantity Surveyor: Altus Page Kirkland (Canada)
- Interior Designer: P49 Deesign (Thailand), TID (Singapore)

Construction progress

project was started in June 2010, until now the foundation has been
completed and contractor is building up to level 3rd. Expected late in
2012 entire project will be completed and transferred to the customer.

For further information, please contact:

TD Corporation Sales Office
Add: Land plot 40-45, Pham Van Dong Street, Nha Trang City
Tel: 84.58.355 1556 - 355 1557 - Fax: 84.58.355 1558

Ho Chi Minh City Office:
Add: Sailing Tower, Unit 1202A, 12th Floor, Pasteur Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3827 7551 - Fax: 84.8.3827 7552
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The Costa Nha Trang and Crowne Plaza Nha Trang
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