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REPORTS TO : Assistant Chief Engineer

DIRECT SUPERVISION : Administration and store room functions

BASIC FUNCTION : Is responsible for the administration and supervision of hotels Engineering office functions"


implementation of Aston Bandung Hotel and Residence policies, standards
and procedures as they apply to administrative functions for: prevention and other life safety programs
b.Physical security programs
c.Work order systems including Construction Work Authorizations (C\VA'S)
d.Time keeping records
e.Inventory control of parts & materials Plans and specifications files
f.Catalog files
g.POMEC logs and utility consumption
h.POMEC labor standards and labor cost controls Maintenance schedules
i.Accounting control
j.Tool Control
k.Proper appearance and housekeeping of all engineering office and storage areas.

2.Assist in the application of a work order and / or repair maintenance order system applicable to your hotel.

3.Assist in the daily scheduling and weekly forecasting of all maintenance work.

4.Maintain an equipment and machinery record system for the hotel.

5.Prepare requisitions and adequate specifications with the Assistant Chief Engineer's assistance for:
a.Non-Stores materials
b.Spare parts inventory
c.Items required in excess of stores stock
d.Work to be done by outside contractors
e.Tools required

6.Contact the hotel purchasing relative to delivery dates, convey information to parties concerned and arrange delivery.

7.Receives POMEC operations and expenditure reports for his hotel and forwards monthly report to Assistant Chief Engineer.

complete files of manufactures data, specifications, manuals, etc on
machinery and equipment. Maintains drawing files of architectural,
mechanical, electric and as-built drawings.

9.Participates with
the Assistant Chief Engineer in review and recommendations to the Chief
Engineer on the annual POMEC budgets of his hotel.

and recommends sources when local purchasing of contract services,
equipment, parts and supplies as may be required.
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