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Henry Minh

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for ensuring that the high quality of service set by corporate Policies
and Procedures are fulfilled to the entire satisfaction of the guests
at all designated functions.

1.Reports directly to the Head Waiter I Assistant.

within the Food and Beverage Staff ( expl. Banquet Sales Executive,
Banquet Chef, Steward Supervisor, Banquet Beverage Supervisor,
Audio-Visual Technical. Housekeeping Supervisor, Shift Engineering, etc.

3.Responsible for Banquet Waiter I Busboy I Houseman and Casual.

supervise set up. service operations and re-setting of assigned
functions, while also being available to help at other function if

2.To supervise and trains Banquet Waiter, Houseman and Casual Associates to ensure the required standard of service performance.

3.Before and after the function event:
a.Supervises the cleaning, maintenance and setting up of all Banquet public areas and passageways.

for submitting all requisitions and work maintenance orders for all
Banquet Rooms and Catering Event, and for damaged, malfunctioning or
destroyed equipment.

c.Checking requisitions to ensure correct amounts of items are ordered and delivered.

d.To supervise and assists the transport of all items to the correct function areas.

e.Responsible for the organization of his Banquet paper work, including:
1.Arranging all function event orders with all amendments in his appropriate clipboard for the day.
2.Checking all diagrams, floor plans, seating lists are completed.
3.Discusses each function details with Banquet Maitre d' or Head Waiter/Assistant.
4.Ensures Casual Associates' tome sheets for allocated associates are prepared.

f.Ensures that all areas of responsibilities are kept up to date, according to the designated task.

g.Responsible for all set-ups and breakdowns of functions as per floor to the designated task.

h.Supervises table and back-of-house preparations by allocated associate.

i.Coordinates with Audio Visual Technician to ensure correct operation and placement of A/V equipment for allocated functions.

all equipment is in good working order before, during, and after the
function, report g necessary maintenance to Head Water/Assistant.

k.Utilizes the pre-function check-list to ensure standards of set-ups.

l.Meets the organizer of the allocated function to guarantee guest satisfaction.
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