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 General Cashier

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TITLE: General Cashier

To account for all cash collections in accordance with hotel/corporate policy and procedure.


• Record and reconcile all money deposited in drop box by cashiers.
• Count and verify money in cashier envelopes.
• Prepare bank deposit slips for security escort service.
• Count own House Bank daily and properly account for all disbursements made therefrom.
• Prepare daily House Bank statement.
• Prepare General Cashier’s daily report.
• Issue floats to cashiers as authorized, keep relevant records and monitor overall float position.
• Prepare monthly petty cash report for reimbursement.
• Handle all foreign exchange receipts for banking.
• Maintain adequate supplies of outlet dockets and other stationery for cashiers.
• Liaise with security services as necessary.
• Maintain a record of cashier discrepancies for investigation and follow up.
• Handle all foreign exchange receipts for banking.
• Monitor foreign exchange rates weekly to ensure that the hotel’s rates are appropriate.
• Assist with distribution of month end reports as directed by accountant.
• Attend meetings as required.
• Ensure compliance with legislated heath and safety requirements within the workplace.
• Comply with all Corporate and Hotel Standards and Procedures.
• Promote by example the principles of “The Power of Service”.
• Actively promote a work environment which cares for guests and associates a alike.

is not the intent of this job description to cover all aspects of the
position but to highlight the most important areas of responsibility.


Organisational & time management skills
Keyboard/Computer skills
Analytical and numerical skills
Communication skills (written/verbal)
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General Cashier
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